Low Stress Latte (adaptogenic)

img-4570_origI was in the midst of finals last week and let me tell you it took a toll. I was stressed and not managing that stress very well, I’ll admit it. With all the studying I’ve had to do I’ve been running on coffee, little sleep, and thankfully, all my healthy veggie,  protein and fat filled meals. One thing I do not compromise on no matter how much studying I have to do is my diet and sleep. I have a no studying past 9 o’clock rule with my boyfriend that I strictly enforce…he doesn’t like it but our health is better for it.

I’ve been slacking a little bit this week though, I definitely should not have worked out as much as I did with all the studying that I was doing, I ended up losing some sleep and felt it. So now that I have spring break to sleep, I decided to make some adaptogenic lattes. I recently ordered some Sun Potion astragalus and moringa powder from Thrive Market that I’ve been wanting to play around with. I  read about the benefits of the powders and had to try them for myself.


Here’s the benefits:


Astragalus is a beautiful yellow powder with hardly any taste but a lot of nutritional benefits.The Astragalus root is an adaptogen that helps to lower cortisol. It may also help in fighting disease by boosting your immune system and cardiovascular health.
Astragalus contains saponins, flavonoids  and polysaccharides. All are known to provide health benefits through cell signaling and anti-oxidative qualities they are also known to have anti-microbial an antiviral capabilities.


Moringa powder looks and tastes a lot like matcha tea. Packed with nutrients such as vitamins a C, E, calcium, potassium and amino acid’s. Also contains antioxidants to help fight free radicals. It has helped reduce some symptoms of diabetes by reducing lipid and glucose levels in diabetic patients.

Also protects your heart by preventing plaque formation and supports brain health because of this neuro-enhancing activities. May help you heal faster with its blood clotting properties and has some anti-microbial an anti-bacteria property

The Botton Line:
I’m a big proponent of just eating a healthy diet and not using supplements but all of the benefits that these powders have shown in studes is tempting, so I had to try them. I haven’t noticed any major benefits yet but I have not been using them consistently, I’ve only made a couple of these lattes with them. Either way, they really can’t hurt, so I’m not afraid to try!

Here’s the latte recipe!


“Low Stress Latte”


8 oz almond milk
1 oz “Nut Pods” vanilla creamer ( to sweeten it a bit, you could also just add stevia)
2 g Moringa powder
1/2 tsp Astragalus powder
1-2 tbsp Collagen Powder (I use Vital Proteins)


Heat up the almond milk and Nut Pods creamer.

Add the powders.

Blend it all together with a blender or aero latte tool!

Drink up, relax, aaaahhh 😉


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