Red Pepper Walnut Dip (low FODMAP)

Hey there! I hope everyone had a fun and delicious Thanksgiving. I love spending time with my family and eating ALL the food when I'm home for the holidays. This year, I made a terrible gluten free pie, no seriously, it was terrible. But it's ok because I also made this super yummy red pepper [...]

Perfect pumpkin bread (and it’s gf, df)

Hello and happy fall ya'll! Wow that just came out of my mouth, I'm really not a "ya'll" person but it worked in that sentence. Californians can say y'all, right? I am SO ready for fall! Here in Davis it's still been in the 90s and sunny. After being here for the whole summer and [...]

Turmeric Tahini Dressing

Hi guys! Me here, your turmeric obsessed, veggie loving, paleo friend, back with a recipe for turmeric tahini dressing! Now, I realize that not everyone has time to make dressing, I hardly had time to make this myself... BUT, if you're making a really fancy salad for a dinner party or love turmeric/tahini and are [...]

Chia Spirulina Pudding

Cha cha cha CHIA! It's officially summer which means everyone is avoiding their ovens and reaching for salads and smoothies... or is that just me? Chia is the perfect summer breakfast or snack, it's cool, easy to make and doesn't require the oven. It's so versatile too! All it takes is a cup of "milk" [...]

Paleo Seed Bread

Helllooooooo (paleo) people! I've been hyping this bread for way too long, I know, I'm sorry! Here's what happened, I had 2 bread recipes, one for a fluffy version and one for a dense version. You guys voted for the fluffy version. So I started trying to perfect the fluffy version but then I went [...]

Vanilla Nut Collagen Cookies

I've been a mad scientist in the kitchen the past week trying to come up with a cookie recipe that you can eat guilt free. Most paleo cookies are still packed with sweeteners, yes they're from natural sources but it's still a lot when the majority of the cookie is sugar. I had a few [...]

Vanilla Almond Phat Bites

Yes, I am bringing "phat" back. The reason is because these balls/bites are going to be your new source of fuel, from fat!  I've been doing low carb for a long time now, and I fluctuate my levels here and there to allow for life. For example, I'm not gonna say no to paleo ice [...]