Red Pepper Walnut Dip (low FODMAP)

Hey there! I hope everyone had a fun and delicious Thanksgiving. I love spending time with my family and eating ALL the food when I’m home for the holidays. This year, I made a terrible gluten free pie, no seriously, it was terrible. But it’s ok because I also made this super yummy red pepper […]

Perfect pumpkin bread (and it’s gf, df)

Hello and happy fall ya’ll! Wow that just came out of my mouth, I’m really not a “ya’ll” person but it worked in that sentence. Californians can say y’all, right? I am SO ready for fall! Here in Davis it’s still been in the 90s and sunny. After being here for the whole summer and […]

Turmeric Tahini Dressing

Hi guys! Me here, your turmeric obsessed, veggie loving, paleo friend, back with a recipe for turmeric tahini dressing! Now, I realize that not everyone has time to make dressing, I hardly had time to make this myself… BUT, if you’re making a really fancy salad for a dinner party or love turmeric/tahini and are […]

Vanilla Nut Collagen Cookies

I’ve been a mad scientist in the kitchen the past week trying to come up with a cookie recipe that you can eat guilt free. Most paleo cookies are still packed with sweeteners, yes they’re from natural sources but it’s still a lot when the majority of the cookie is sugar. I had a few […]

Vanilla Almond Phat Bites

Yes, I am bringing “phat” back. The reason is because these balls/bites are going to be your new source of fuel, from fat!  I’ve been doing low carb for a long time now, and I fluctuate my levels here and there to allow for life. For example, I’m not gonna say no to paleo ice […]

Ravishing Cucumber Radish Salsa Salad

Say that 3 times fast! Ravishing cucumber radish salsa salad, ravishing cucumber radish salsa salad, ravishing cucumber radish salsa salad! Okay, okay, I’m just kidding, and annoying, I know. But you guys are going to LOVE this one! I thought of this because radishes are one of the few things I’m allowed to eat on my […]